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→ cooperation with magazine "lidé&HORY" (People and Mountains), the bimonthly about climbing, mountaineering, trekking and skialpinism, photos and texts on new section Alps round the corner - Tennengebirge, Salzkammergut Berge and Schladminger Tauern – west part, Totes Gebirge – central part, Rottenmanner Tauern and Haller Mauern (No.1,2,3,4,5 and 6/2011), Gesäuse, Dachstein, Schladminger Tauern - east side, Totes Gebirge – west side, Steinernes Meer and Hochschwab (No.1,2,3,4,5 and 6/2010), Sengsengebirge, Hochkönig, Schladminger Tauern – central part - between Hochwildstelle and Hochgolling, Radstädter Tauern, Totes Gebirge – south-east side, Eisenerzer Alps (No.1,2,3,4,5 and 6/2009), text and photos on section chalet - Ostpreussenhütte, Mödlingerhütte (No.2,4/2010), Franz Eduard Matrashaus (No.2/2009), photos and text on competitive rubric "Who is clever at, that knows" (No.2,3,4,5 and 6/2008), threepages panoramic photos of summer Hochschwab, winter Hohe Tauern, autumn Hohe Tauern and Hochkönig, Salzkammergut, Totes Gebirge, Dolomites - group of Pale di San Martino, Dolomites - Civetta and Monte Pelmo, Ankogel from Radstädter Tauern, Hohe Tauern from Hochkönig (No.3/2013, No.1 and 2/2011, No.3,4 and 6/2010, No.1/2009 and No.6/2008)

lidé&HORY No.6/2011lidé&HORY No.6/2011,Alps round the corner-Haller Mauern lidé&HORY No.5/2011Alps round the corner-Rottenmanner Tauern lidé&HORY No.4/2011Alps round the corner-Totes Gebirgelidé&HORY No.3/2011lidé&HORY No.3/2011,Alps round the corner-Schladminger Tauern lidé&HORY No.2/2011lidé&HORY No.2/2011,Alps round the corner-Salzkammergut Berge lidé&HORY No.1/2011lidé&HORY No.1/2011,Alps round the corner-Tennengebirge lidé&HORY No.6/2010lidé&HORY No.6/2010,Alps round the corner-Hochschwab lidé&HORY No.5/2010lidé&HORY No.5/2010,Alps round the corner-Steinernes Meerlidé&HORY No.4/2010lidé&HORY No.4/2010,Alps round the corner-Totes Gebirgelidé&HORY No.4/2010,chalet-Mödlingerhütte lidé&HORY No.3/2010lidé&HORY No.3/2010,Alps round the corner-Schladminger Tauern Lidé&hory No.2/2010lidé&HORY No.2/2010,Alps round the corner,Dachsteinlidé&HORY No.2/2010,chaletlidé&HORY No.1/2010,Alps round the corner,Gesäuse
lidé&HORY No.2/2008,competitionlidé&HORY No.3/2008, competition lidé&HORY No.4/2008, competition lidé&HORY No.5/2008, competition lidé&HORY No.6/2008, competition lidé&HORY No.1/2009,Alps round the corner,Sengengebirge
lidé&HORY No.3/2013,summer panorama Hochschwab from  Ebenstein lidé&HORY No.6/2011,winter panorama of Hohe Tauern lidé&HORY No.1/2011,panorama of Hohe Tauern and Hochköniglidé&HORY No.6/2010,panorama of Dolomites-Civetta, Monte Pelmo lidé&HORY No.4/2010,panorama of Totes Gebirgelidé&HORY No.3/2010,panorama of Pale di San Martino
lidé&HORY No.6/2008,panorama of Ankogel

→  cooperation with the magazine Everest, which write about the mountains, people and adrenaline, this magazine is the member of the edition ADVENTURE, the wellknown periodical Koktejl from the publishing Czech Press Group, the stories from the area of the mountains in the articles The gloomy history of the Dolomits (spring 2013), Circuit way around Tamer (autumn 2012), The story of the photo (summer 2012), The Dolomits returns (spring 2012), Gesäuse-Hochtor (autumn 2010), Schladminger Tauern (summer 2010), Totes Gebirge (winter 2009) and Sengsengebirge (autumn 2009)

EVEREST,spring 2013EVEREST,spring 2013EVEREST,spring 2013 EVEREST,autumn 2012EVEREST,autumn 2012EVEREST,autumn 2012EVEREST,autumn 2012 EVEREST,summer 2012EVEREST,summer 2012EVEREST,spring 2012EVEREST,DolomitesEVEREST,Dolomites EVEREST,autumn 2010EVEREST,autumn 2010EVEREST,autumn 2010 EVEREST,summer 2010EVEREST,summer 2010EVEREST,summer 2010 EVEREST,winter 2009EVEREST,Totes Gebirge,pgs.34EVEREST,Totes Gebirge,pgs.35EVEREST,autumn 2009EVEREST,Sengsengebirge,pgs.40

→  cooperation with the AustrianRegional tourist association TRV Hochsteiermark in Krieglachu. The contract of chosen photos from the mountain region Hochschwab and Eisenerzer Alpen (2013)

Lugauer,Eisenerzer AlpenSackwiesen See,HochschwabHochschwabHochschwabLugauer,Eisenerzer AlpenSeetal,HochschwabBrunntal,HochschwabHochschwabpanorama,Hochschwab

→  cooperation with SPADEA, full-length photography of Christmas party one of the prestigious financial company, cultural centre Bazilika, IGY, Budweis, December 2010


→ licence contracts of the exterior and interior photos of the state castles and chateaus and the other protected objects which are in administration of The National Institute for the Protection and Conservation of Monuments and Sites of Czech Republic, regional department in Budweis (June, July and August 2009, March and December 2010)

state chateau Český Krumlovstate chateau Český Krumlov state castle Nové Hrady state chateau Český Krumlovstate castle Rožmberk state chateau Červená Lhotastate chateau Třeboňstate chateau  Český Krumlovstate chateau Hluboká nad Vltavou

some photos are used in the new narrative book Český Krumlov. Od rezidenčního města k památce světového kuilturního dědictví published in publication Collectiones - fascicle 3rd (December 2010)

NPÚ,BudweisCollectiones - fascicle 3rd,Český KrumlovHall of Prelatura-St. Catharine,Český Krumlov

→  cooperation with Association for Probation and Mediation in Justice, reportage photos from Ceremony of ending project Consolidation of Family, 24th June 2010 in Budweis


→  cooperation with magazine "Žlutý" (Yellow), magazine for travellers on bus lines STUDENT AGENCY express , free of Pisa photo for front page, July 2010


→  cooperation with APT Firenze ("agencia per il turismo",Official Tourism Board of Florence), agree with free using the web Tuscany photos for purpose in their web presentation


→  cooperation with magazine Travelfocus, the bimonthly perodical focused on travelling with narrative photos, Focus – Alps Views (text and snaps in parting photogallery), representative choice of 14 photos Austrian Alps combined with interview in No.IV/2009, articles with photos Niedere Tauern in No.V/2007 and Meeting on Dachstein in No.IV/2008

→ concern on 2nd volume of the photo contest Štíty Viléma Heckla 2008 ordering by CZECH PHOTO in cooperation with the Association of Czech Photographers under the personal patronage of Prague Mayor MUDr. Pavel Bém, 6 large formated photos 30x45 cm, deadline 30.12.2008,
jury choosed 4 snaps from my entered photos which were with winning photos exhibit in Cloisters Old Town Hall in Prague in phase from 6th March till 12th April 2009 on exhibit called Man and Earth 09

Reichenstein,Eisenerzer AlpsHochtor,GesäuseStodertal,Totes Gebirge Fleischer Biwak,Hochschwabinvitation card

→ presentation of the cycle photos Austrian Eastern Alps on 12th Traveller Festival in KD Ládví, Prague, 21th till 22th March 2009

European Hall,22th March 2009 at 13:15 o´clock

→  cooperation with magazine Countries of the World, modern geographical and travelogue monthly, photos in No.2-2009 Salzburg Land (February 2009)

Wolfgangsee and Dachstein,SalzkammergutTeufelshorn,Hagengebirge

→ cooperation with Dutch Tourist Information Office in Czech Republic which is operated by travel office Dutch Masters, agree with free using photos for purpose in web presentation and printing information materials, e.g. Informative broadsheet Netherlands 2009 – plane with hill of unforgettable experiences


→  licence contract on 7 photos from Celebration of the Quinquefoil Rose 2008 in Český Krumlov in quality minimally A4 on 300 dpi with Developing Foundation of Český Krumlov, December 2008

Celebration 2008 Celebration 2008Celebration 2008Celebration 2008 Celebration 2008Celebration 2008

→ the photo with winter motif of Budweis Town Hall and Samson´s Fountain on children chocolate puzzle for Budweis Municipal Council, November 2008

chocolate puzzle

→  licence contract with Statutory Town of Budweis on single nonexclusive use of the production for need making PF 2009, October 2008

foot bridge Luční jezPF 2009

→  licence contract on 20 photos of the town Budweis and its surroundings in quality minimally A4 on 300 dpi with Statutory Town of Budweis, department Development and Tourism Movement, August 2008 (there are use e.g. on sound and information boards in Budweis)

Samson´s fountain and Town Hallinterior of Town HallSamson´s fountain and Town Hall polygonal bastionSamson´s fountain and Black Tower

→ author´s photographic exhibition of mainly mountain photos but also with the pictures from Budweis, Český Krumlov and chateau Červená Lhota in Town Exhibition Hall of Budweis Municipal Council , from 21th till 31th July 2008

invitation card Iinvitation card IIinstallation of exhibitioninvitation card III

→  author´s photographic exhibition Netherlands and Alps in Show-room of Town Hall Kašperské Hory, June 2008

invitation card I installation of exhibitioninvitation card II

→  cooperation with magazine TravelDigest, the travelogue monthly, full-page and two-page photos in features "Place of dream" and "Where are you?" (October, November and December 2007, March and September 2008)

TravelDigest No.10,2007TravelDigest No.11,2007TravelDigest No.12,2007TravelDigest No.3,2008TravelDigest No.9,2008

→  the photos of Keukenhof in national release newspaper Kaufland No.14/2008 (28th March 2008)

newspaper Kaufland No.14/2008

→  web competition in the most beautiful photos of Keukenhof arranged by Dutch Tourist Information Office cooperation with bus company Eurolines (March and April 2008)


→ the photos adjusted in system Nielsen in size 30x45 cm and 40x60 cm used as decoration in interiors of my customers

→ cooperation with Styria Verlag • Pichler Verlag • Carinthia Verlag In der Verlagsgruppe Styria GmbH & Co KG, Wien, 2 two-page photos in book „Kelten – Götter – Heilige. Mythologie der Ostalpen“ from Dr. Georg Rohrecker (December 2007)

Kelten-Götter-Heilige, G. RohreckerKelten-Götter-Heilige, G. Rohrecker

→ implication in photographic contest of the magazine Lidé&hory, victory in 4th circle of the contest in category "Natural beauty of the mountains" (August 2007)


→ author´s photographic miniexhibition Eastern Alps in ground floor Health Institute based in Budweis on date 4th till 15th June 2007

→  author´s photographic exhibition in sales area Langhans Palace Centre FotoŠkoda in Vodičkova Street in Prague by the deadline 14th till 19th May 2007

Fotoškoda LanghansMinigalleryvernissage

→ concern on 1st volume of photo contest Štíty Viléma Heckla 2007 ordering by CZECH PHOTO in cooperation with the Association of Czech Photographers under the personal patronage of Prague Mayor MUDr. Pavel Bém, 30 large formated photos 30x45 cm, deadline 30.12.2006,
jury choosed 6 snaps from my entered photos which were with winning photos exhibit in Cloisters Old Town Hall in Prague in phase from 17th May till 30th June 2007

vernissageopening ceremonyhandover awards Ladislav Kamarád,holder MEP and QEPexhibited photos

→ the appreciation of the photo Sunset above Totes Gebirge in photo contest Travel Photo 2006 ordering by company ATEMI Prague, September 2006

→  the photos, taken for The Hospital of Budweis , e.g. Hospital Bulletin No.3/2007, publication The Hospital of Budweis 2006, annual report The Hospital of Budweis and the pictures of the front page for program and certificates, e.g. Certificate of the XVIIIth South Bohemia Oncology Days in Český Krumlov, October 2011, South Bohemia Diabetes Day ordering by The Hospital of Budweis on14th December 2006, professional conference Problems with henosis of wounds and professional meeting Dental Days in March 2009

Certificate of the XVIIIth South Bohemia Oncology DaysHospital Bulletin No.3/2007 Hospital,Budweis lHospital,Budweis Hospital Bulletin No.3/2007 Hospital,Budweis Hospital,Budweisscheme of South Bohemia Diabetes DayProblems with  henosis of wounds,BudweisDental Days in March 2009,Budweis

→ the photographs of Hess chalet in Gesäuse and its surrounding, they are in their new photo gallery ( ), June 2006

chalet Hesshütte

→ “Austrian Alps throughout the year ” photos presentation in the audio room of The South Bohemian Science Library in Budweis, 2nd March 2006

ivitation card

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